San Antonio Hot Springs

Over Spring Break, we, along with our little brother, Lucas, decided to go to New Mexico as a get away before the break ends. We know we wanted to got to some hot springs, camp over night, and check out some local hot-spots. We planned the entire thing the night before and decided camp in the Jemez Mountains near San Antonio where there were plenty of springs nearby and close to Santa Fe.

The next morning we woke up at 4am to pack and said our goodbyes at 5. We took i40 west from home in Amarillo all the way till Clines Corner NM, where we exited and headed north. We arrived in Santa Fe about 10am. We walked around downtown and some of the local shops and Art galleries. After that we went to a popular art gallery called Meow-Wolf. I have mixed opinions of it but it was interesting. Once we were through the gallery, it was about 3 in the afternoon so we stopped at a market, got some food, and headed up to the mountains. On our drive we passed through a really neat town called Los Alamos. Los Alamos is home to a National Security Laboratory. We drove straight through town (after passing a security clearance) and went straight on with our journey. We passed by the Velles Caldera National Preserve and the Valley Grande. At the top, all but one campsite was closed, and that one was full. Luckily, on our way down, we found a little pulloff on the side of the road where there were 3 small locations to park the 4runner and set up a small fire. This location had a beautiful view of the Cerro Pelado peak. We pitched our tent, had canned dinner, watch the sun cast it’s last golden light on the mountain as it set, and slept right there.

In the morning, we woke up at 6:30, ate instant oatmeal, drank hot cocoa, and immediately left to get a head start to the springs before anybody else got there. We originally planned to 4×4 the 5 miles Forest Service Rd 376 to the springs but the gate was closed due to weather and conditions. Instead we hiked it. Not the funnest, but no harm done. After a little over an hour of hiking we finally reached the springs, changed into our swimwear, and plunged into the 110° water. It was paradise. The following photos are of us at the springs. We chilled and chatted in the water for an hour or so then we started back to the foot of the trail. I swear the hike back was much longer than it was an hour before. We all got to the bottom, exhausted and weary.

The rest of the trip is cleaning up our campsite, fighting over food, and taking turns napping in the back seat on the way back home.