Industrial style Mechanical Keyboard

68 key Industrial Mechanical Keyboard


QMK firmware base on tada68 key layout

Schematic & PCB

Schematic and PCB design based on atmega32u4 micro-controller

The schematic was originally incorrect (thus the need for the 2 red wires) but that has been fixed. This build has Gateron brown switches. The case is made from brushed stainless steel that was cut out and bent at a local machine shop (Hand Industrial). It sits a little tall but I plan on uploading the DXF soon. It was built as a gift to my mother who is a Techincal Writing professor and is always typing. The PCB is my original design and it is all soldered using my homebuilt reflow oven. It uses the Atmega32u4 as the brain. It is slightly oversized and it barely fits in a tada68 case. Some things I plan to add to the board schematic are backlights, ambient lights, a better name, and Bluetooth with a rechargeable battery.